There isn't a more exciting place to work than the boardroom! Described by Apollo Communications in the Australian Financial Review as the "engine room of the economy", the ASX100 boards oversee 3 million employees and over $1.7 trillion of value.

And that's not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the opportunities to create a lasting impact on society at board level.

There are over 2,000 listed boards in Australia and that's not to mention private companies, government boards, Not For Profits, Advisory boards, Trustees, Board Panels, etc.

Statistically, each year at least 50% of all boards will recruit at least one new director, meaning there are thousands of board opportunities created every year.

Average Performance for Directors in Australia

Directors TOP ASX

Trillion Value

Av. Per Director

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What is Included in the Board Success System™?

Transition To Boards Foundations


Develop your director's mindset and understand the misconceptions that often trip senior executives up when entering board roles.

Once you can think like a director, you are able to align your executive skills and experience with your board value proposition and be more effective at articulating how your skills fit the boardroom.

Finding Your Board Purpose


Create alignment so you can be a purpose-led Non Executive Director. You'll be guided through 3 thought-provoking strategies to help you unlock your all-important 'Purpose'.

Knowing your purpose ensures that you have meaning in your life and work. It gives you a North Star to guide your goal-setting and decision-making, and will provide you with a clearer and more direct path to success.



Identify and articulate your all important board value proposition. Learn how to cash into your executive skills and experience in a powerful and authentic way that gives you the confidence and clarity to stand out from the crowd. 

The framework used in this Module, gives you the edge and sets the narrative so that you can win highly-contested board appointments.

Board Landscape Navigator


Map out your goals and define your blueprint for board success. You'll be introduced to a wide range of entities, options and board settings to select the best customised path for you.

The focus is on ensuring that your board choices provide you with the best opportunities to showcase your skills and add value.

Board Resume Breakthrough Blueprint


Craft a compelling board résumé that kicks open the door to board opportunities. Access to our proven frameworks and step-by-step instructions will enable you to confidently build your board resumé.

You'll learn about AI and the psychology at play that you need to understand to win interviews. We'll also show you the rookie errors that executives make with their board resumés that explain why so many board applications go straight to the shredder.

Brand Like A Board Star


Develop an executive presence and a polished profile. It's not about how competent you are, it is about how competent others believe you are. In this step, we'll show you how to develop your personal branding to build your perception with others.

These are powerful strategies that establish your potential, attract opportunities and can get you shoulder-tapped for key engagements.

7 Secret Board Search Strategies


65% of all overall board appointments are made through connections. Less than 10% of first-time board appointments are made through connections. So if you've been beavering away on the coffee front and getting nowhere fast, you will be happy to discover our 7 board search strategies which are far more effective for getting on boards in the early stages of your board career.

Your Board Career Launch Kit


Create an Action Plan for board success. This is your realistic, customised Board Career Blueprint; fully fleshed out with your clearly defined board goals, your customised strategy, your action plan and even includes your metrics to measure your progress.

You'll have a pragmatic plan as well as the clarity, confidence and certainty to make your board success a reality.

Due Diligence Mastery


Do your Due Diligence! The wrong role could set you back years and damage your board reputation. Your customised due diligence checklist keeps you safe and gives you the peace of mind to only accept the right board roles for you.

We'll even show you how to conduct your due diligence at all the various stages of the board application process. 

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Here's What Just Some of Our Valued Clients Are Saying...

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Gaven Needham

"It really gives executives the sense of confidence and appreciation for what the path forward is and to understand what we're looking for and what's going to make us happy and what is a good fit."

Gaven Needham

General Manager - APAC

Sydney, New South Wales

Patricia Lady

"My confidence has skyrocketed. It really gives executives the sense of confidence and appreciation for what the path forward is, and what's going to make us happy and is a good fit.

Her course and her style of delivery is 10 stars."

Patricia Lady

Chief Financial Officer

San Diego County, California, USA

Derek Cashel

"Prepares you not only for the obvious things like profiles and resumés, but the mentality that needs to go with it…

It sets your mindset in the right direction."

Derek Cashel

Group Chief Financial Officer

Sydney, New South Wales

The Results Speak for Themselves... Become The Next Board Success Story!

"You shouldn't leave this to Chance"

Michael Magee
Global VP Growth Acceleration, Mars Inc

"Gives you confidence to pitch for the roles because you really learn what makes you different, unique, special and compelling for boards".

"It's Given me the Courage"

Claudia Häger
Non Executive Director

"I would say Sally's program is the world's best kept secret" 

"The system works"

Lee Tonitto
NED & Advisory Board Member

"The Advice, support and influence was gold"

Steve Hugginson | GM Coles Liquor

"Gave me the confidence to get out there and put my best foot forward".

So, Are You Ready to Land Your Dream Paid Board Role?

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I'm excited partner with you and walk you through the steps to land your dream paid board role. 

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