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Do you want to learn more about boards and how to transition to boards in the future?

Do you want to have more impact and influence writing board reports and/or making board presentations?

Are you starting to think about a board career in the future?

Are you just curious about boards and want to get a better understanding of what boardroom work entails?


Are you ready for board success and want immediate help to win board appointments?

Are you in an executive role or voluntary NFP role and looking to break into paid board opportunities?

Do you need to write your Board Résumé or take it up a notch?

Are you looking for ways to build your board networks and board connections?


Are you an establish NED ready to build on your successes and go full time board portfolio?

Are you looking for tools and resources that will amplify your achievements and help you go full time as a NED ?

Do you need to enhance your executive presence and elevate your network and connections so you can get to the next level faster?

Unleash Your Board Potential: The Key to unlocking prestigious board appointments

Gain unparalleled insights into creating a compelling Board Résumé that aligns with your aspirations for having influence and impact in the boardroom.

Learn the secrets to crafting an authentic and captivating board résumé that wins you paid board appointments

Are you ready for board success but not sure how to get started?

The board landscape is complex and transitioning from Senior Executive to the boardroom can be a minefield! Like a game of snakes and ladders where one lucky break can have you winning a great role and one wrong turn can set you back years and damage your profile.

The advice you receive can be contradicting. The truth is, no two paths to the boardroom are the same and what worked for others may not work for you. That is why our programs and coaching services are tailored to you as an individual in terms of your skills and expertise and according to your goals for board success.

Not every executive we work with wants the Top ASX boards. Some want 'start ups' where there is opportunity for super-growth and the rewards that come from taking a business from concepts to lucrative exit strategies. Some want the opportunity to make a difference in big themes like climate change, solving the housing crisis or just generally making this world a better place. Some want the 'pick and mix' and relish the opportunity to work across multiple varied industries through a thriving board portfolio. 

So whether you're trying to figure out where to find board roles, how to write your board résumé or simply just working through how to figure out your board value proposition, we've got you! Our 'Board Success System™' provides you with your fully customised blueprint for success as well as giving you all of the tools and resources you need to action your plan and see results. 

Don't just take our word for it. We have an incredible community of clients (who we affectionately refer to as the "Board Stars"), who are successfully scaling the dizzy heights of the boardroom, and having massive impact and influence in the most senior level of corporate leadership. 

Whether you’re just starting out, or whether you’ve been struggling to get your board career off the ground for several years, our tested and proven strategies give you the clarity, confidence and certainty to take the right steps to landing paid board roles and are the one-stop-shop to make board success a reality for you. Check out our complimentary Fast Start Guide to Board Success and discover why you might be more ready for board success than you think!

Fast Start Guide



The FAST START GUIDE reveals 13 of the common questions we get asked, the best questions we’ve ever been asked, and the questions you should ask about working on boards.

Our strategies have helped senior executives from the following companies to achieve board success...

Do you want to earn more money, work less hours and do more meaningful work?

A board role enables you to add an additional income stream to your current executive career and also helps you develop a Director's Mindset which makes you more valuable in your board-facing day job. Our clients are able to scale their executive careers in conjunction with launching their board careers. 

Directorships also offer a career pathway so that you can ‘wind down’ and ease your way into retirement or ‘ramp up’ and build a career that gives you more variety and freedom across multiple opportunities. Either way, board roles can help you to build your financial security by diversifying your income stream and selling your expertise rather than your time.

If you’re tired of the sixty-hour weeks, or sick of the grind…..If you simply want to focus more on the things that matter, like leading, coaching and strategising (and spend less time filing reports, attending meetings, sending emails, etc), a board role is the perfect solution to using your skills and expertise in more meaningful work.

Here's What Just Some of Our Valued Clients Are Saying...

and we couldn't be more proud of the board successes they have enjoyed!

"My confidence definitely skyrocketed"

It really gives executives the sense of confidence and appreciation for what the path forward is, and what's going to make us happy and is a good fit. My confidence definitely skyrocketed.

The program gives you the tools to make a transition from an executive role to the board role.

Her course and her style of delivery is 10 stars."

Patricia Lady

Chief Financial Officer
San Diego County, California, USA

"This is the best place you could start"

"Highly recommend this course... 

This is the way to get yourself started, and get yourself prepared to have success at the board level.

One of the highly-valued additions is being able to meet so many amazing and talented executives with huge experience"

Michael Power

Board Adviser & Executive Consultant
Brisbane, Queensland

Our strategies have helped senior executives from the following companies to achieve board success...

There’s not a more exciting place to work than the boardroom

There is a certain pride and sense of achievement that comes with the status of being a Non Executive Director. Boardrooms have been described by Apollo Communications as being the ‘engine room of the economy’. Their research into the Top 100 ASX boards in 2020 revealed that board members attended an average of 18 meetings and earned an average $312,000 per year.

Hours and income aside, Company Director roles are without doubt the highest level of leadership. The discussions and decisions made at board level create legacy moves. They disrupt and innovate the world around us. There is no better place to have massive impact and influence

But when it comes to boards, there is no such thing as averages. At one end of the scale, there are board members being paid millions of dollars for their expertise and at the other end there are thousands of directors who are working for free in not-for-profits. So, whether you want to climb the board ladder and develop a board portfolio, or whether you simply want to give back and contribute to the wider good, boards are where the magic happens.

The Engine Room of The Economy

Average Performance for Top 100 ASX Directors in Australia

Directors TOP ASX

Trillion Value

Av. Per Director

Av. Per Meeting

Source: Apollo Communications, as published in the Australian Financial Review

"You shouldn't leave this to Chance"

Michael Magee
Global VP Growth Acceleration, Mars Inc

"Gives you confidence to pitch for the roles because you really learn what makes you different, unique, special and compelling for boards".

Discover why others recommend the Board Coaching Institute so highly...

"Proud of what I do and exhilarated to do more"

"Completing the Mastermind I have been able to reflect on my skills and knowledge at board level. It has enabled me to be proud of what I do and has exhilarated me into doing more.

Sally's coaching and mentoring style is supportive and encouraging and I am very grateful for her persistence through the course"

Michelle Schupelius

Michelle Schupelius | CEO Aged Care

"Far exceeded my expectations"

"Thank you for the opportunity to be in the Board Success Program. It helped me complete writing a Board CV and better understand myself as a person, an executive and what I have to offer as a NED.

I am amazed at the networking opportunity and post-Program coaching that were made available to us - these far exceeded my expectation of what I would get out of the Program!."

Iona Luke | Senior Legal and Compliance Executive

Simon Bray | Director and Angel Investor

"Sally is a natural community builder and the network that Sally builds and curates
is an invaluable resource to draw on".

Our strategies have helped senior executives from the following companies to achieve board success...

"Damn well worth it"

Kevin Sanders - Board Advisor & Business Growth Specialist

"It's been a dynamic wild ride and I can't believe how much I've learnt, how much I've grown and how much my profile has evolved in such a short amount of time".

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