Why Trust Us To Develop Your
Board Skills?

Board work is complex; we'll keep it simple and support you all the way! 

The Effective Board Management Matrix™

Transforming Boards

Our effective and engaging professional development courses and educational board resources empower Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors to achieve impact and to have influence in the boardroom. 

Whether you are just starting out and want to know how to get a board role, or whether you are highly experienced and looking for a springboard for your board portfolio career, we have everything you need to be effective and successful in the boardroom.

Our Company Director courses are developed using the 'Effective Board Management Matrix'™  to break down complex areas of corporate governance into bite-size concepts, so you can learn without feeling overwhelmed. The board role is demanding and we fully support you, so you can take some of the weight off of your shoulders and bounce your ideas with peers and mentors. 

Why it Works

Our resources cut to the chase, are user-friendly and actionable; we call this style accelerated learning.  Simply put, they work, and they work fast. 

The Effective Board Management Matrix™ combine corporate governance frameworks and boardroom psychology,  to provide both the theory and skills needed to navigate the challenges of the boardroom

Understanding how you, and the other Executives on your board, relate and communicate,  plays a critical role in developing your individual and group critical thinking skills and decision-making abilities

So, whether you're figuring out the foundations, or ready to master the boardroom, we invite you to join us today and become a Board Star

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"The Board Coaching Institute supports Executive and Non-Executive Directors in their board roles.

We provide board coaching and online masterclasses and training intensives to empower new, emerging and existing directors to have impact and influence in the boardroom.

The reason I do this (my "why"), is to make boardrooms more accessible to under-represented groups and to enhance board member competency and ethical standards. This will help boards to recruit better and to make better quality decisions ."

Sally Parrish, Director

Where the idea for the Board Coaching Institute came from:

I have had a curiosity with boards ever since my first 'board coaching' contract in 2005. Board dynamics are fascinating. I love the challenges of establishing systems and frameworks and decoding the human instincts that underpin their success. 

I've worked with many boards across a wide range of industries over the years. However, nothing prepared me for my first board role in a start-up Not For Profit. It was intense; fighting our way through one urgent agenda item after the other,  spending hours developing tools and templates to plug our gaps and gaping holes, and frantically searching for solutions for our seemingly impossible conundrums. It was exhausting!

Sometimes the hamster wheel spins so fast, you can't see where you're going. It wasn’t until I had finished my tenure, that I realised I had built an entire suite of corporate governance policies, systems and processes that could be applied universally to all boards. 

I have a knack for simplifying complex information. It comes from a long corporate career as Director of Learning and Development, in the UK, Asia and Australia, translating difficult financial services product information into plain-speaking training resources for Financial Planners. It was my job to take the legal terms and conditions in policy documents and reverse-engineer them into product training that could be used with clients. 

Using my skills and experience and drawing on my formal and informal training, I launched the business in late 2019 and published 'The Essential Field Guide for Company Directors' about 9 months later. Almost immediately, COVID-19 challenged our delivery models, and thankfully my eLearning experience meant we could quickly pivot to a fully online offering. That is the story of how the Board Coaching Institute was born. 

A bit about me personally:

My nine-year old daughter, reading this over my shoulder, advises me that I shouldn’t sing my own praises so much. It’s “not polite”. So I'll finish by telling you about me personally. 

I was born in South London (my accent gives me away), and was headhunted to Australia in 2002. I arrived with little more than 2 suitcases and some blind faith. I fell in love with life 'down under' almost immediately and was thrilled to later become an Australian citizen in 2007. 

I am based in Melbourne and married to a Kiwi, with two gorgeous daughters who are somehow 'half British, half Australian, half Kiwi and one-eighth Irish’. Our rescue dog Buddy is a similar jumble of breeds. 

My ideal client is a successful, hard-working, action-taking professional, who is looking to either break into boardrooms for the first time or to take their board career to the next level. If this sounds like you, I invite you to check out our resources and to join our happy tribe of ‘Board Stars’. I would love to work with you and help you to excel in your goals for the boardroom.

I look forward to connecting with you and steering you along the road to success. Action takers please click here