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The Board Success System™

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Here's What Just Some of Our Valued Clients Are Saying...
... and we couldn't be more proud of the board successes they have enjoyed!
"It really gives executives the sense of confidence and appreciation for what the path forward is and to understand what we're looking for and what's going to make us happy and what is a good fit."

Gaven Needham
General Manager - APAC
Sydney, New South Wales

"My confidence has skyrocketed.
It really gives executives the sense of confidence and appreciation for what the path forward is, and what's going to make us happy and is a good fit.
Her course and her style of delivery is 10 stars."

Patricia Lady
Chief Financial Officer
San Diego County,
California, USA

"Prepares you not only for the obvious things like profiles and resumés, but the mentality that needs to go with it…
It sets your mindset in the right direction."

Derek Cashel
Group Chief Financial Officer
Sydney, New South Wales

"You shouldn't leave this
to chance"
Michael Magee
Global VP Growth Acceleration, Mars Inc
"Gives you confidence to pitch for the roles because you really learn what makes you different, unique, special and compelling for boards"
"Given me the Courage"
Claudia Häger
Non Executive Director

"I would say Sally's program is the world's best kept secret"
"The system works"
Lee Tonitto
NED & Advisory Board Member

"Advice, support and influence was gold"
Steve Hugginson, GM Coles Liquor
"Gave me the confidence to get out there and put my best foot forward"
"Really good value for money"
Ellen Hooper
MD, Commissioner & Executive Coach

"I've been able to set myself up a board path in a much more efficient and effective way than if I had muddled through for another couple of years"
"Damn well worth it"
Kevin Sanders
Board Advisor & Business Growth Specialist

"It's been a dynamic wild ride and I can't believe how much I've learnt, how much I've grown and how much my profile has evolved in such a short amount of time" 
"The networking was fantastic"
Catherine Ferrara
Change Director, Westpac Group

"There's never a good time to do these things. Being able to do the online learning in my own time, I was able to complete the course"
I knew I needed to look at my board role search differently and Sally’s program gave me a whole new approach. The program provided me with clarity on what I was looking for and why and helped me be clear about my value at the board table and how I can position myself to communicate this effectively.

The modules were great to work through and provided the right amount of stretch, depth, and pace.

And it wasn’t just the program – I met amazing people as part of Sally’s community who are now part of my network and brains trust which has been very welcome.

I highly recommend Sally’s program – Sally is hugely knowledgeable, her style in engaging and motivating and she clears away so much of the confusion and mystery inherent in the board role journey.

Thank you Sally!

Gavin Blakey OAM
"Now I have a network of people who are either on boards or aspiring to be on boards"
"This is the best place
you could start"
Michael Power
Board Advisor & Executive Consultant

"Highly recommend this course... One of the highly-valued additions is being able to meet so many amazing and talented executives with huge experience" 

"The program is fantastic...
and it works!"
Karen Dhillon

"Has armed me with all the tools and techniques I need to go out and find a board role"
"Absolute right path for your board journey"
Tyson McGeoch
NED, Festival Director and Finance Exec

"Helps broaden your perspectives of opportunities and knowledge
heading into the boardroom

"Far exceeded my expectations"
Thank you for the opportunity to be in the Board Success Program. It helped me complete writing a Board CV and better understand myself as a person, an executive and what I have to offer as a NED.

I am amazed at the networking opportunity and post-Program coaching that were made available to us - these far exceeded my expectation of what I would get out of the Program!
Simon Bray, Director and Angel Investor
"Sally is a natural community builder and the network that Sally builds and curates
is an invaluable resource to draw on"
"Proud of what I do and exhilarated to do more"
Completing the Mastermind I have been able to reflect on my skills and knowledge at board level. It has enabled me to be proud of what I do and has exhilarated me into doing more.

Sally's coaching and mentoring style is supportive and encouraging and I am very grateful for her persistence through the course

"My confidence has
Patricia Lady
Corporate Funding Specialist

"Gives executives a sense of confidence and appreciation of the path forward... course and style of delivery is 10 stars"
"Prepares you for the mentality you need at board level"
Derek Cashell
Chief Financial Officer

"There's a difference between how you show up as an executive and how you show up as a board member"

"ROI has already paid off"
Lee Martin
NED & CEO, Aged Care

"Changes the way you look at yourself and how you project yourself professionally"
"Great to be plugged into a network of people who are really committed to making your board career successful."

Ellen Hooper
Commissioner & MD
Melbourne, Victoria

"Exceptionally well paced, well structured, excellent value for money and made even more valuable for the network of exceptional executives and future board members it brought together"

Simon Bray
Director & Angel Investor
Melbourne, Victoria

"Has been a very useful process and well-worth the investment"

Kylie Scoullar
NED & Executive Leader
Melbourne, Victoria
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