Module 2: Finding Your Purpose

7. Profiling Tools


There are 3 methods to help you to find your purpose offered in this Module:

#1 Brainstorming (previous lesson)

#2 Profiling Tools (this lesson) 

#3 Your Subconscious Thoughts (next lesson)

You can do any, or all of these lessons, or you can skip them altogether if you already know what your purpose is. 

Profiling Tool Notes:

Use the links below or the buttons in the menu on the right to visit the profiling tool websites.

Sparketype:   Highly Recommended

Strengths Finder:

5 Voices:

Strengths Profile:

Links to Profiling Tools

Module Lessons

1. Introduction

2. What is Purpose?

3. Why is Purpose Important?

4. Why is Purpose Relevant to Boards?

5. How to Find Your Purpose

6. Brainstorming

7. Profiling Tools

8. Your Subconscious Thoughts

9. Summary

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