Module 2: Finding Your Purpose

6. Brainstorming


There are 3 methods to help you to find your purpose offered in this Module:

#1 Brainstorming (this lesson)

#2 Profiling Tools (next lesson) 

#3 Your Subconscious Thoughts (the following lesson)

You can do any, or all of these lessons, or you can skip them altogether if you already know what your purpose is. 

Worksheet Notes: The brainstorming exercise works best when you handwrite your answers to the questions at a fast pace. You can either download and print the Worksheet, or you can scroll the Worksheet on your computer and write the answers in your journal or on paper. 

Module Lessons

1. Introduction

2. What is Purpose?

3. Why is Purpose Important?

4. Why is Purpose Relevant to Boards?

5. How to Find Your Purpose

6. Brainstorming

7. Profiling Tools

8. Your Subconscious Thoughts

9. Summary

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