"The Insiders Guide to Landing Your Dream Paid Board Role"
(even if you don’t have any board experience, legal or accounting qualifications, and you haven’t done any governance training yet!)
Presented by Sally Parrish GAICD
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Wednesday 13th July
1:00pm -2.30pm AEST (SYD/MEL Time)
A Sneak Peek of the Upcoming Live Masterclass
"The Insider's Guide to Landing Your Dream Paid Board Role"

In this FREE Online Event You'll Discover 3 Key Secrets...

Secret #1
 How to fast-track your board career and land lucrative board roles.

Secret #2
Why you're more ready for board success than you think!
Secret #3
How to make board work fit into your demanding schedule.
"I can't wait to show you the simple and easy steps to unlocking your board career so that landing a paid board role can become a reality for you".
Here's What's Covered In This Masterclass...
What You'll Learn
If you've got your sights set on a fulfilling paid board career, this exclusive free masterclass is an absolute 'must attend'. These will be the most effective ninety minutes you'll ever spend strategising on your board success.

You will learn exactly what it takes to land your dream paid board role...

and It may even help you overcome imposter syndrome, perfectionism and procrastination and anything else that is
getting in your way of getting your board career off the ground immediately!!
Here's What to Expect
* The ONE thing you need to focus on when it comes to board success (without this, you might as well QUIT NOW!)...

*The skills and expertise you already have that will put you in demand for paid opportunities (and even attract them to you)

*  How to avoid the pain of hearing crickets or being ghosted every time you apply for a board role...

... and much, MUCH More!
It's Complicated!
The board landscape is complex and this is your opportunity to learn how to navigate it effectively and
thanks to our old friend COVID, there are massive opportunities available RIGHT NOW!...

Don't miss this exclusive free masterclass that will show you how launching your board career will enable you to work less hours, earn more money and do meaningful work that has massive impact.
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What executives have said about this Masterclass...
"Packed with valuable tips and insights" - Mark J
"Refreshing ideas" Fiona s
"Changed my thinking in the first ten minutes" - Steve P
"Makes so much sense!" - Karen N
"I wish I had heard this ten years ago!" - Rod B
"Brilliant masterclass. Enjoyed every second." - Paul D
"Overdelivered on advice" - Helen R
"Can only imagine where my board career would be if I heard this advice 5 years ago" - James G
"Exceeded my expectations" - Laelle S
"I jumped at the chance to discuss my strategy with you and you did not disappoint" - Tim S
"You blew me away with your straight talking" - Aaron K
"Made me realise this is possible for me" - David T
"Your energy is contagious" - Steph T
"So glad I registered....best professional development... challenged my thinking" - Danielle O
"Practical tips, time well spent" -  Ali W
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