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Avoid The Rookie Mistakes That Could Cost You Thousands Of Dollars, Set You Back Years And Even Damage Your Board Reputation. 

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The FAST START GUIDE reveals 13 of the most common questions we’ve ever been asked, and the questions you should ask about working on boards.

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Inside This Exclusive Guide You'll Discover...
The #1 Time Waster to Avoid
Understand the #1 TIME WASTER that Executives looking for board roles need to avoid and how you can avoid this rookie mistake.
The 3 Common Mistakes
Discover the 3 mistakes that Executives make when looking for board roles and learn how to protect your valued assets and reputation.
Eliminating The Biggest Obstacle
If you've ever felt that board rooms are a bit of a closed shop this guide will help you to remove that obstacle and win board opportunities.
Removing Misconceptions
Learn about the most common misconceptions about boards and separate the truth from fiction to your advantage.
This is the Exact Formula We Use to Show Senior Executives How to Earn More, Work Less and Have Greater Impact...

How to cash in your skills and experience as a high performing executive.

Hi, I’m Sally Parrish and I help Company Directors to be successful in the boardroom. By simplifying the complex, I can show you how to increase your impact, influence and sky-rocket your board career.

- Getting your board career started
- Enhancing your success as a board member
- Finding your dream board role
- Developing a board portfolio
- Achieving Board Mastery

I have had a curiosity with boards ever since my first 'board coaching' contract in 2005. Board dynamics are fascinating. I love the challenges of establishing systems and frameworks and decoding the human instincts that underpin their success.

Sometimes the hamster wheel spins so fast, you can't see where you're going. It wasn’t until I had finished my tenure, that I realised I had built an entire suite of corporate governance policies, systems and processes that could be applied universally to all boards.

I look forward to connecting with you and steering you along the road to success.

Here's What Just Some of Our Valued Clients Are Saying...
... and we couldn't be more proud of the board successes they have enjoyed!
"It really gives executives the sense of confidence and appreciation for what the path forward is and to understand what we're looking for and what's going to make us happy and what is a good fit."

Gaven Needham
General Manager - APAC
Sydney, New South Wales

"My confidence has skyrocketed.
It really gives executives the sense of confidence and appreciation for what the path forward is, and what's going to make us happy and is a good fit.
Her course and her style of delivery is 10 stars."

Patricia Lady
Chief Financial Officer
San Diego County,
California, USA

"Prepares you not only for the obvious things like profiles and resumés, but the mentality that needs to go with it…
It sets your mindset in the right direction."

Derek Cashel
Group Chief Financial Officer
Sydney, New South Wales