The Secrets To Crafting A Compelling Board Resumé
Interactive Online Workshop for Aspiring Non Executive Directors (NEDs)
Wednesday 15th November
10am to 12 noon AEDT
* Early Bird closes 4/11/23 or when sold out if sooner
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↓↓↓ A Sneak Peek of the Upcoming Live Masterclass
"The Secrets to Crafting a Winning Board Resume"

In this engaging and value-packed online masterclass, leading Executive Coach Sally Parrish GAICD, will be sharing strategies she's using with her clients to create impactful board resumes that open doors to opportunity. Whether you are just starting out and looking for guidelines on how to write a board resume, or whether you've been applying for board roles without success and want to know why your board resume isn't landing you interviews, this LIVE online workshop will set you straight.

Drawing on insights from her 'Board Success System™', Sally will be covering key topics to help you create an authentic and impactful Board Resume, such as:

Secret #1
Simple tricks to elevate your profile within your resume
Secret #2
Telling your story using the language of the boardroom
Secret #3
The unwritten rules for crafting a compelling board resume
"I can't wait to show you the simple and easy steps to writing a compelling board resume that opens doors to opportunity and makes board success reality for you".
Here's What's Covered In This Masterclass...
What You'll Learn
There is nothing more frustrating for an executive who is ready to step up to the boardroom, being constantly overlooked for board interviews. How can you demonstrate your value if you can't get in front of people?

In this Masterclass, we'll show you how to craft your board resume and discussing the do's and don'ts of creating a stellar first impression that leaves the reader yearning for more.

If you've got your sights set on a fulfilling board career, this exclusive masterclass is an absolute 'must attend' to ensure your board resume is at the high standard it needs to be and that it ticks all of the boxes.
Here's What to Expect
* Tailored Insights: Understand the unique requirements for a NED position and discover how to craft a board resume that truly stands out.

*Proven Strategies: Get hands-on training and insights into the secrets of those who've already succeeded landed paid board appointments.

*  Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your aspirations, and are at the same stage of the process as you.

... and much, MUCH More!
It's Complicated!
The board landscape is complex and contrary to popular belief it is more of a side step onto a new career ladder than an extension of your current career ladder. The rules are different and what has worked for you as an executive can actually go against your chances of success, if you don't learn to play the game differently.

Don't miss this exclusive masterclass that will show you how to launch your board career and work less hours, earn more money and do more meaningful work that has massive impact.
Limited Seats: When they're gone they're gone!
An Introduction to Sally Parrish GAICD

Hi, I’m Sally Parrish GAICD, founder of the Board Coaching Institute and Author of Amazon Best Seller 'The Essential Field Guide for Company Directors'. I help Senior Executives to transition to board roles. By simplifying the complex, I can show you how to increase your impact, influence and sky-rocket your board career.

- Getting your board career started
- Enhancing your success as a board member
- Finding your dream board role
- Developing a board portfolio
- Achieving Board Mastery

I have had a curiosity with boards ever since my first 'board coaching' contract in 2005. Board dynamics are fascinating. I love the challenges of establishing systems and frameworks and decoding the human instincts that underpin their success.

Sometimes the hamster wheel spins so fast, you can't see where you're going. It wasn’t until I had spent ten years getting my own board career off the ground, that I realised I had built an entire suite of corporate governance explainers and a system that could be universally applied to help executives win paid boars roles.

I look forward to connecting with you and steering you along the road to success.

What Some of Sally's Clients have said about her Coaching...
"Sally gives you everything you need to know in preparing a high-quality Board Resume" Andrew Stephens

"I highly recommend Sally to those seeking board opportunities" Karim Sumar AM

"Sally is one of the most effective Coaches I've met in my career" Joydip Das

"If you are serious about a Board career, it is well worth your time to interact with Sally at an early stage in your planning to benefit from her expertise and advice." Gautam Dev

"Sally has deep expertise and serves her audience with the highest value" Yamini Naidu

"Sally is a is a great coach with a real talent for supporting executives identify and execute on their board aspirations" Avantha Seresinghe

"Sally Parish is one the most engaging and passionate professional whose insights and knowledge of the world of directors and boards is a cut above." Michael Powers

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