"The Board Résumé Breakthrough 3-Day Challenge"
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Your Gateway to Enhancing Your Board Opportunities: A Transformative 3-Day Event
Sally Parrish GAICD
"This masterclass is your blueprint for Board success".
Unleash Your Board Potential: The Key to Unlocking Exclusive Roles
Over three dynamic days, leading Board Coach Sally Parrish will unveil how you can turn your professional achievements into a compelling narrative that opens doors to prestigious board roles.
March 19-21 (1-Hour Daily at 12:30pm AEDT)
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Your Board Career Awaits:
Are You Prepared?
Crafting the Ultimate Authentic Board Résumé for Impactful Leadership
Gain unparalleled insights into creating a compelling Board Résumé that aligns with your aspirations for having influence and impact in the boardroom.

This challenge is your first step towards securing a prestigious seat at the highest level of corporate leadership.
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The 3-Day "The Board Résumé Breakthrough Challenge"
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 DAY 1 - The Anatomy of a Compelling Board Résumé that opens doors
Kickstart your results on DAY ONE with an eye-opening session on the fundamental differences between an Executive CV and a Board Résumé.

Learn why your current CV is hindering your transition to board-level positions and gain easy-to-implement tips that promise plenty of "aha" moments.

This session is designed to make the daunting task of résumé crafting feel not only doable, but exciting!
 DAY 2 - Secrets to Winning Board Appointments
Building on the momentum, DAY TWO delves into the trade secrets that make a Board Résumé not just great, but impossible to reject.

Discover how to order and sequence your Board Résumé to cut through objections and land you board interviews. It's all about showcasing your strengths in an authentic yet powerful way.

This day is about creating tension and competitiveness, and ensuring you achieve that edge that sets you apart.

NOTE: This day will also introduce you to concepts that will have you looking at your board aspirations in a whole new light, positively impacting your value proposition and preparing you for the transformative work ahead.
 DAY 3 - Résumé Mistakes That Keep You Locked Out of the Boardroom
The final day focuses on the common pitfalls and mistakes that could be keeping you from achieving your boardroom dreams.

Learn the 15 mistakes to avoid and how to ensure your Board Résumé creates an incredible first impression and is memorable for all the right reasons. It's about eliminating all the obstacles that will send your Board Résumé to the shredder and turning what would have been potential rejection into a standout acceptance. Not just for the next role you apply for, but for every chance you get at board roles for the rest of your board career.

SPECIAL BONUS: On the last day, we will provide insights and a clear understanding of what has been holding you back and what actionable steps you can take to make board success a reality for you.
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Join us for this transformative 3-day event, designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to craft a Board Résumé that opens doors to new opportunities.
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About the presenter:
Sally Parrish GAICD is an award winning Executive Coach and has been in, on and around boards for twenty years. She is the Founder of the Board Coaching Institute, Author of Amazon Best Seller “The Essential Field Guide for Company Directors”, host of the “Board Success Podcast” and “NED Insider Insights Podcast” and creator of the “Board Success System(TM)".

She bursts onto screen in these daily one-hour online masterclasses and will have you feverishly scribbling tips in your notebook as she breaks down the myths and misconceptions that hold you back from gaining a seat at the board table.

Her simple and effective strategies have worked for her clients (the “Board Stars”) and they will work for you too!
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